Here are some of the most common questions we get. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us!

Appointments are always recommended, but not necessary. We welcome walk-ins, and will accommodate them on a first come, first serve basis depending on availability of our artists. Walk-in to get in!

You can contact us via our website via our booking form, through Instagram @marionstreettattooandgallery, by phone (303)832-3717, or just come on into the shop! We are located in Denver CO on Colfax. 2815 E Colfax Ave.

A deposit ensures that you and your artist are both dedicated to the project and taking it seriously….and that you will show up on your appointment day as well. All deposits made are deducted from your total on appointment day. Deposits are transferable to another date, but are non refundable or transferable, unless you give your artist at least 48 hours notice.

There is no set price for a tattoo. Pricing is dependent on many variables including size, location, details, etc. When asking for pricing for a specific tattoo, please keep in mind staff can only give an estimate, final price is decided by the artist on the day of the appointment once all details are finalized.

* Every artist works differently and gauges their pricing accordingly. * Remember, when getting a tattoo, you are purchasing a piece of art that will last forever. Good tattoos aren’t cheap! And most times, a cheap tattoo isn’t very good.

All of our artists here are experienced in doing cover pieces. With cover pieces or reworking of an old piece, each situation is unique and will need to be assessed at a consultation to discuss possibilities and options that will work with the existing piece.

18 is the legal age of consent in Colorado and as such is the age you must be to get tattooed without a parent. Although there is no minimum legal age to get tattooed in the state of Colorado, we prefer to tattoo no one under the age of 16 and only with parental consent and identification for both parent and child.

We don’t recommend getting a tattoo when you are pregnant. If you have spoken with your healthcare provider and would like to proceed, we are open to discussing the possibility.

Even if you are getting a smaller piece, we always recommend a good night’s rest and a solid meal prior to your appointment. If there are any particular drinks or snacks that you would like, please bring them. If you are doing a piece that will require you to expose certain areas of your body, please think ahead and dress accordingly or bring something to change into here.